Response To US Tragedy
Advisors Response To US Tragedy

Timothy Ross


I am always interested in anything my advisor-clients want to tell me.
With that in mind, please take a moment to fill out the form below and
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appreciation for your time. Thank you.

Please complete the items listed below in terms of what you think of the
current service levels of Timothy Ross's Independent Financial Advisor.
Answer each item TWICE (in the "NOW" and "SHOULD BE"column)
For each response, select one of the numbers below that best describes
your choice.

For the first 9 questions please rate my service in the fields beneath the
"IS NOW" Column, select the number (1-5) of your choice that best
describes how you believe my service levels are NOW. Then, in the
"SHOULD BE" column select the number (1-5) of your choice which
best describes how you believe I SHOULD BE.

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1 is Very Little and 5 is Very Great

Is Now Should Be
1 Overall quality of my service.
2. Professional & expert personal service.
3. Flexibility in dealing with requests.
4 Quality of oral & written communications.
5. Knowledge of products available.
6. Kept up-to-date if problem requires follow-up.
7. Solve problems within reasonable length of time.
8. Receive transaction confirmations on a timely basis.
9. Do I call you frequently enough?
10. Do you feel comfortable calling my assistant
when you have a problem?

11. Do you like to receive the mailings I send you?

12. What do you consider a reasonable length of time
to have your phone call returned?
If Other, Please Indicate

13. How often would you like a portfolio review?


14. Do you receive my newsletter?
15. When you read my newsletter do you:
16. Is my newsletter:
17. Overall, do you enjoy receiving my newsletter?
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19. Do you understand your investment needs?
20. Do my recommendations fit your objectives?
21. Am I receptive to your suggestions?
22. Do I offer sufficient investment alternatives?

23. Your age?
24. Pretax income?
25. Family status?

26. How did you come to employ my services?

27. Any other suggestions?

28. Do you know anyone who might be able
to use my services?